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To make more and better disciples.

(Matthew 28:18-20)


New Day was started in September 2006, and from the very beginning, the church was designed for people who had maybe given up on church but not on God.  New Day is a safe place for people to ask their questions about the Bible and faith.  It's also a place for individuals and families to grow and serve and be challenged in their relationship with God.


Since that first service, New Day has grown to an average Sunday attendance of close to 200 people.  People of all sorts - couples and singles, children and retirees, families of all kinds - have discovered how much better life can be with Jesus at the center of it.

If you're new to New Day, you may be wondering what to expect.  Here's an idea of how we typically operate on Sunday mornings.


Relax. We want you to feel welcome, but we won't put you on the spot.  Most Sundays we have an order of service in the first page of our program so you know what to expect.  The service usually lasts an hour.


Dress however you feel comfortable.  You be the judge.  Wear what makes you comfortable.  Pastor Aaron is usually in jeans if that helps you out!


Don’t feel obligated to give.  For those who see giving a financial offering as a way to express gratitude to God and support what He is doing at New Day, there will be an opportunity to give during the Reflection & Offering time.  If you are new, or just visiting, don't feel obligated to put any money in the basket.


Children. New Day’s Sunday experience is geared towards a more mature audience.  From 10:00-11:00 we offer age-appropriate programs for children from Birth-3rd grade.  If you would prefer to have your child with you, you can pick up a bag of kids’ books at the back of the auditorium. Getting a bit squirmy?  You and your family can watch the entire service as it happens on a television outside the main auditorium doors.


Sing or not.  Some people like to sing along to songs in church.  Some don’t.  Some people clap, and some don’t.  Do what you like.  If you don’t know the songs, just listen.  They’re pretty easy to pick up on.


We’d like to hear from you.  Fill out the Communication Card on the program and put it in the offering basket during the Reflection & Offering time.  Include your e-mail address if you would like New Day’s weekly e-mail update.  You can also sign up here.


Sunday Morning Buzz.  Are you looking to make connections at New Day, but don’t know where to start?  Come to “The Buzz”!  Every Sunday at 8:30 am, be here to help set up all the things that make Sunday morning church go smoothly.


Get the inside scoop!  If you have questions about God, faith, or the church, Pastor Aaron would love to talk with you over coffee or lunch—his treat!  Just shoot him an email here.


Still want more?  Check out a podcast here to get a feel for our sermons.  OR, read more about our vision, mission and values here.

New Day Christian Church

Office Location:

5310 Willow Street

Weston WI 54476

Service Location:

9302 Schofield Avenue

Weston WI 54476